Altra Footwear lets you stay true to your natural form, with zero drop from heel to toe. Their diverse models have you covered on all running surfaces, from track to mountain trail. #ZeroLimits #EmbraceTheSpace



FBOMB is dedicated to providing you with the best quality fats in a form that is easy to carry, use, and enjoy. Click the link for discounts on some of my favorite options, including: Keto Krunch, Meat Sticks, and Nut Butters!


Xendurance makes a line of heavily researched products I trust for workouts, racing, and recovery. My main go to products from them include: Fuel-5, Hydro-X, Protein, Extreme Endurance. If interested in trying use this link for 10% off. Join Team XND for 25% off.


Unimate is a product made by Unicity. It is based on a South American tradition and has partnered with Swiss scientists to bring you an entirely new and improved product. Using a proprietary process, Unimate is purified and made 10 times more effective than traditional loose leaf mate.



Drymax socks offers cutting edge technology in foot protection that keep feet dry, comfortable, and blister free. Check out my signature Drymax Sock, “The Bitter Sweet” here

Perfect Keto offers a wide range of products to help assist a high fat low carbohydrate lifestyle. Personally, my favorite item for training and racing are Keto Electrolytes. If interested in checking them, or any of their other items, take advantage of 15% off select items by entering promo code: ZACHBITTER at checkout.