Behind the Curtain: Meet Daniel Weston

Daniel is a great candidate for a behind the curtain look at individualized coaching, because he has variables in his daily life that many people juggle. Daniel is a husband, father of two boys, and works Monday through Friday at NFU Mutual in Warwickshire, England.

Daniel and I took some time to talk about his lifestyle, goals, training background, and routine. Like all clients I start with we begin with a questionnaire (see below), so I can get a base level knowledge of what type of program I would like to put in place. This gives me the intel to be prepared for our introduction phone conference.

Next, Daniel and I got on the phone and chatted about some of the specifics to his training.

My initial takeaways about Daniel:

  • He has a substantial history in the sport of running. He has a decade of 4,000 mile years. This places Daniel in a unique postition that will help determine how we apporach his training.
  • He has a well developed aerobic system and the leg strength to support it at the aerobic level. This is clear with his Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) that comes in at approximately 6:05 per mile at a heart rate in the low 140s.
  • His race experience indicates that he is very familiar with speed work, which he has routinely checked through weekend races from 10 km up to 100 km.
  • His commute routine provides the framework for consistancy in his training.

Introductory Questionnaire

Name and Age: Daniel Weston 37 Date of birth 31st May 1979

Goal(s): 21st May 2017 100k 7h. 2018 represent GB in world 100k championships, top 20 finish

Race Experience (distance & times):

10k PB 33:00


  • September 7th at Changa Ford Gobi Desert 100km
  • 30th April 1st North Wales 10 mile Championships
  • 27th March Anglo Celtic Plate 100k, International Including British Championships, 7h11m . 2nd Position.
  • 6th March Wrexham Marathon - 1st 2h34m


  • 2nd May Anglo Celtic Plate 100k, International Inc British Championships, 7h16m . 5th Position.
  • 8th March Wrexham Marathon - 1st 2h35m
  • Overall winner of the Borders League Road Racing Series of 7 races. See www. bordersleague


  • 29th June - Rhyl Half Marathon - 1st
  • 3rd May - Anglo Celtic Plate 100k - 7h43m - 10th
  • 26th April - Winner of the North Wales 10 mile Championships (2nd in open race)
  • 6th April - Manchester marathon 2h37m


  • 13th Oct - Erddig 10k multiterrain, 1st
  • 6th Oct - Chester Marathon 2h34m
  • 18th Aug - Cheddar Gorge Trail Marathon 1st
  • 11th Aug - Great Warford 10 mile 2nd in race, represented the North Wales team
  • 20th July - Wenlock Olympian Walk (Open to Ultrarunners too) 50 miles Trail. 1st
  • 28th April - Manchester Marathon 2h33m
  • 7th April - Wrexham 10k 1st
  • 17th Feb - Wrexham Half Marathon. North Wales Champion 1st

Average Pace and Heart Rate (training):

  • 120 bpm 6:45 easy
  • 143 MAF 6:05 pace

Training Environment (trail, road, mtn. hill, etc.): Road. Occasionally grass on the weekends.

Past Training Volume (miles per week/hours per week):

  • 12 miles a day (4300 a year)
  • 10 years of around 4000 a year.

Training Flexibility:

  • Monday - Friday: Monday to Friday I commute to work which is 10.5 miles each way so I can fit in 21 miles a day if I want the volume up. If I want to keep the mileage down I cycle in, run home (leave my bike at work), run back in the next day, then cycle home.
  • Saturday: 8 am
  • Sunday: 8 am (best spot for race workouts or long run)

Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog series: Daniel's First Month