February 2017

Focus Points for February:

  • Race and recover Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile (ended up rolling ankle and having to drop out after 37 miles
  • Continue aerboic build for Western States 100
  • Begin some progression efforts at months end.

Rational for Approach:

I ended up getting a bit more structured training in this month, since my ankle roll DNF at Rocky Raccoon healed pretty quick once the swelling went down. Without a full 100 miles in my legs the recovery process from a muscular and mental standpoint was quick. With Western States 100 still months out, I did a lot of heart rate based runs. I aimed to get a good portion of my runs at around 140-155 beats per minute and see my pace within that window drop. As the month unfolded I noticeably felt the efforts become smoother, so on a couple instances when I felt really good I pushed a bit into a progression effort. This training should provide the needed base to interject a few more progression efforts as well as some tempo efforts in March.

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