June 2016

June was a logical month to take both a mental and physical break from structured training. There are so many quality events year round now that it can be hard to take a step back, but still quite necessary for sustainability. I find that more often than not its more of a mental break that is required than anything. I strongly believe in taking a couple blocks out of the year where you wake up in the morning with no specific training goal. It makes the ramp back up much more refreshing. With no major races scheduled until this Fall and Comrades complete this was the perfect time. I always grant myself the flexibility to shut things down completely. I rarely feel the need to as the desire and energy usually returns pretty quickly when I don't neglect sleep and nutrition, so this month still had a healthy dose of running, but never forced or structured.

Key Workouts: None

June 1 - 5: 28.9 miles (partial week)

June 6 - 12: 69.2 miles

June 13 - 19: 74.6 miles

June 20 - 26: 118 miles (39.2 miles pacing at Western States)

June 27 - 31: 63.3 miles (partial week)

Total: 374 miles

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