May 2016

This month was a mixed bag. It began with my last long tempo effort for Comrades via the San Luis Obispo Marathon. After SLO I began to scale back a tad on volume, but included 1 - 2 workouts each week in effort to stay sharp for Comrades. In retrospect post Comrades Marathon I have gleened what I consider valuable information in what I need to do for Comrades and road races in general.

My orginal plan for Comrades was a two big blocks of training leading up to the taper in May. I was very happy with the second block. The first block unfortunately was less than ideal with some dental and poison oak issues that had me spending a bit more time in recovery (in the form of easy miles) than I would have liked when looking back on things. Such is life and training. It doesn't always go exactly to script.

Nevertheless, this month inlcuded often shorter but specfic workouts and included: tempo, progression, farlek style workouts that often had a focus on rolling hills as to mimick the nature of the roads on the Comrades Marathon course.

Key Workouts: Links to detailed workout description/analysis at bottom of page as well as key workouts

May 1: 28.9 miles (partial week) San Luis Opispo Marathon (last long tempo for Comrades)

May 2 - 8: 80.9 miles - fartlek workout

May 9 - 15: 101.4 miles - progression and treadmill climb

May 16 - 22: 62.9 miles - hilly tempo

May 23 - 29: 114.2 miles - fartlek workout and Comrades Marathon

May 30: OFF

Total: 389 miles

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