April 2016

April had a much different spin on it than most of my training blocks. Last Fall, I experimented with consistantly using races as key workouts as a way to peak for a race. I really enjoyed the process and was pleased with the fitness that insued. I decided to implent a similar race workout strategy this April in effort to peak for Comrades. I won't go heavy into the details of the process on this training recap, since I already blogged in detail about the how and why here.

When planning this training block the biggest consideration was my past taining. Since college, I have followed a high volume training plan. I strongly believe in a strong aerobic base as an important building block on maximizing performance, but I also believe that the body is incredible at adapting and relying on past experience. With a decade of high mileage to rely on my plans main focus was to scale back on volume in order to target a hand full of hard efforts. I have to say it was a lot of fun to practive going throught the race day motions each weekend and enjoy some addtional recovery to absorb the work.

Key Workouts: Links to detailed workout description/analysis at bottom of page

April 1 - 3: 48.6 miles (partial week) no speed work just easy miles

April 4 - 10: 99.4 miles - Lake Sonoma 50 mile

April 11 - 17: 44.9 miles - Lake Sonoma 50 recovery and Mokelumne River Trail 1/2 Marathon

April 18 - 24: 86.3 miles - One session of 4 x 1 mile intervals and Mendocino 50k

April 25 - 30: 94.1 miles - San Luis Obispo Marathon (technically 05/01 but fit this months block, so included it).

Total: 373.3 miles

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