March 2016

The month of March felt a bit more like 2-3 months as it seemed as no one week was the same. I was fortunate to be able to check out a couple new areas; most notably the cities of Squamish and Vancouver, BC. On the other side of things, I was thrown a bit of a wrench when I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating tooth ache.

I feared the worst as the tooth giving me trouble was the same tooth that had originally been the subject of a root canal, which had it's crown fall off on two other occasions in the past. The third issue was strike three so to speak for me and western dentistry, so I sought out a local holestic dentist, who I hoped would shed some light onto why this had happened. Thankfully, Dr. Storm of - Dr. Visse P. Storm, DDS - was able to get me checked and refered to an oral surgeon to extract the tooth, which had seen it's last days due to an infection that developed in the root canal. On the plus side, I learned a lot about teeth, dentistry, and a bit about how the nerves and bacteria in our mouth affect our health. On the down side, my training took a pretty solid hit; most notably having to skip out on the Lake Sonoma training weekend. I was also put on antibiotics for a week to rid any of the bacteria overgrowth in the infected tooth area, which if you know anything about antibiotics you'll understand that this also clears out all other bacteria; good and bad. In short, my main priority for one-and-a-half to two weeks became nutrition related in order to repopulate the bacteria that I wanted present as apposed to allowing the vacancy of bacteria result in negative strains moving in. By months end, I felt good and ready to go with still plenty of time to prepare for Comrades on May, 29th.

The key workouts I did get in this month were very much a mix of speedier intervals, moderate length tempos, and longer (for me) hill climbs and descents.

Key Workouts: Links to detailed workout description/analysis at bottom of page

Mar 1 - 6: 108.8 miles (partial week) - One hill climb/descent session, one 3 x 1 mile interval session, one hybrid progression with hill repeats session.

Mar 7 - 13: 109.8 miles - Two hill climb/descent sessions, and one tempo session.

Mar 14 - 20: 92.9 miles - One tempo, one hill climb/descent session, and one hybrid with short hill repeats and treamill climb.

Mar 21 - 26: 108.5 miles - One treadmill climb session

Mar 27 - 31: 68.2 miles (partial week) - One 20 x 20/40 session, and one treadmill climb session.

Total: 490 miles

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