June 2015

June was definitely a milestone month in my life. After spending my enire life (29 years) living in the Midwest, and the last 21 years living in Wisconsin, I scaled down my worldly possessions to what I could fit into my Nissan Versa Note and headed out West. As I mentioned in a previous post, I moved out to California to pursue some new opportunities and focus more heavily on some passions of mine. With the transition of ending my job in Wisconsin and getting settled out in California, my training this month had to be flexible.

With my A race this summer being the World 100k Road Championships in Windschoten, the Netherlands, I have been structuring my training mainly around the road 100k. However, one of the reasons I wanted to move out West was to have better access to trails and mountains for future training, so I have also been including some work on the trails.

My main focus outside of enjoying some trails in June was to increase my long run time and continue to build on my strong aerobic base. Key workouts were primarily progression- and tempo-based. Next month I will begin to do more anaerobic threshold work as I near the World 100k Championships.

June 1-7 (partial week)

I was pretty easy on my legs this week following the Apple Creek 50k. I wanted to be sure to absorb the training stimulus from the event.

  • Specific workouts:
    • Granddad's Bluff hard effort
  • Total: 98.1 miles

June 8-14

This week I did one main tempo workout and a long day. I would have liked to get a progression run in this week, but packing and ending the school year claimed my energies.

  • Specific workouts:
    • Hilly tempo: 3 mile warm up, 6 mile tempo (4 miles hilly 2 miles flat), 3 mile cool down
    • Long run: 25.6 miles
  • Total: 101.3 miles

June 15-21

Travel week. I began my drive out to Davis, CA, this week. It made for a slightly harder-than-anticipated fartlek/tempo effort due to some elevation in Cheyenne. I felt much better once I was settled in Davis. I was able to change the gears a bit on the roads with some brief progressions down into the mid 50-minute/mile pace. I got a slightly harder-effort long run followed by a day on the trails to end the week.

  • Specific workouts:
    • Tempo effort fartlek: 3 x 10 min. (hilly tempo effort) with 2 min recovery between. Gear shifting mid run: 6:06, 5:53, 5:34, 5:53.
    • Back-to-back long runs with the second being on part of the Western States Trail in Auburn
  • Total: 119.5 miles

June 22-28

Pretty well settled in Davis. Focused most of the week around pacing at Western States this weekend for Randy Vander Tuig. Felt really good on the progression run and on both long days.

  • Specific workouts:
    • Progression run: six miles (6:16/mi. down to 5:27/mi.)
    • Long runs: 24.5 miles and 38.9 miles (Western States pacing)
  • Total: 112.3

June 29-30 (partial week)

This week, which began with the end of June, was mainly letting my legs catch back up a bit after pacing just shy of 40 miles for Randy at WSER. I was able to cap off the month of June with a nice run in Salt Lake by hitting two peaks just outside of Salt Lake.

  • Specific workouts:
    • 16.4 mile run in the mountains
  • Total: 16.4 miles

June Total: 435 miles

Strava Training Data: June 2015


            Go-to products for June

            • Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel - I have been antsy to take the Double Barrel on a proper run for quite some time now. June offered up the necessary warm temps needed to justify the two 24-oz bottles that this pack boasts. I've done quite a bit of running with the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Single Barrel and was delighted to find the bottle easy to remove and put back while on the run, and the Double Barrel proved just as easy to use. I was a bit curious how it would feel to have another bottle's worth of weight on board. After a nice 22-miler on the Western States Trail and just under 40 miles pacing the last part of the WSER using the Double Barrel, I am very confident in the design, and I was pleasantly reassured that the additional bottle does not cause any extra bouncing.
            • Vespa Ultra Concentrate - Was able to run just shy of 40 miles pacing the WSER with just four ultra concentrates, a handful of s-caps, water, and a couple small handfuls of fruit. Fat was my fuel thanks to Vespa and OFM.
            • Altra One2.5 - This shoe continues to be my go-to for tempo runs and progression runs. I also took it on a few trail runs and was really excited about it's usefulness off road. The light feel and allows for quick turnover and manauverablitly on the trails, while the rubber underneath the big toe allows for great traction on dry surfaces, such as rock.