May 2015

May was quite possibly the busies month of my life thus far! I had a lot on my mind with a move out to Davis, CA mid June closing in fast, the end of the school year, championship season for high school track and field, and balancing my own racing and training. I also, had two ultra races on the schedule for may (Ice Age 50 Mile and Apple Creek 50k), which I wasn't particularily looking to nail, but still wanted to do well and get a good training stimulus from them.

The main goal for main was to continue to build strength, primarily ascending and descending, but also in general through a mix of tempo, threshold, and progression style runs. The reason for this phase of training is two fold. With World 100k Championships in Winschoten, Netherlands being my main A race to train for this summer I need a strong base. One of the main reasons I will be moving to CA is to become a stronger trail runner, which inevitably means much more climbing and desceding. Getting a jump start on this will be nice, so I don't have to spend an inordinate amount of time acclimating to the trails and mountains out west.

For more insight into the two races please check out my blog posts on those races: Ice Age 50 Mile and Apple Creek 50k.

May 1-3 (partial week)

Total: 46.7 miles

Specific workouts: 16 mile fartlek bluff repeats (3 x Pheasant Branch Bluff Loop)

May 4-10

Total: 84.7 miles

Specific workouts: Lite hill repeats and Ice Age 50 Mile

May 11-17

Total: 88.3 miles

Specific workouts: Tempo 2 x 2 60 minute warm up, 2 miles (5:38, 5:43), 2 min jog, 2 miles (5:37.5, 5:37.5), 2 min jog, 1 mile (5:18), 20 minute cool down

May 18-24

Total: 124.1

Specific workouts: Hybrid (2 x 1 mile at tempo 4 x 400 at 5k effort 1 x 800), andTempo Bluff Repeats (3 x)

May 25-31

Total: 90.4 miles

Specific workouts: 11 miles 6 at tempo pace, lite hill repeats, and Apple Creek 50k

May Total: 435 miles

Strava Training Data: May 2015

Go-to products for May

  • Altra Superior 2.0 - I was really excited to try this shoe out on the Ice Age Trail, because I really loved it when it was in prototype last summer for the Psycho Psummer 50k. It seems to really help me manauver around sharp single track turns, which I definitely need help with!
  • Orange Mud HydraQuiver Single Barrel - I continue to really injoy this product. It worked flawlessly for both IA50 and AC50k (despite numerous falls on the wet and slippery AC50k course). I am looking forward to doing more with the HydraQuiver Double Barrel now that the weather is heating up.
  • Vespa Junior - With racing and workouts the Junior has been great for promoting fat metabolism as well as a small amount of strategic carb use for the harder efforts. I typically use the Junior when I am doing something above 65% VO2 Max, so this month I utilized it a lot for the tempo and hill work. Most of the time I would take it a couple miles into my warm up. For a shorter workout, like my 10-11 mile tempos, I would take it before I left.