February 2015

My training plan changed slightly during the second half of the month from what I originally planned for February. My goal was to start to introduce some more anearobic training into my workouts. I did have a bit of this, but not to the extent I had planned. This was mainly due to my original plan to race the Caumsett 50k in Long Island. I ended up not heading out to Long Island in pursuit of competing in the 50k National Championships. This was mainly due to tough scheduling and percieved level of fitness.

My new direction for February was to continue to stretch my aerobic fitness further towards threshold. This meant more tempo, progression, and some fartlek efforts all at or near threshold. It was a crazy month in terms of weather, which often affected my pace. (Something about below-zero temperature, heavy winds, and ice make for a greater challenge...) This can make things difficult in terms of gauging where I am at in terms of fitness, so I made sure that I got on a treadmill a couple of times so I could compare perceived effort and actual pace in controlled conditions. This is something I can use to gauge fitness compared to prior training blocks.

Here are a few of the key workouts I did, along with my monthly totals:

Hybrid: Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 mile warmup
2 mile tempo
10 min recovery jog
30 x (20/40)
10 minute recovery jog
2 mile tempo
3 mile cooldown

Progression with 400s: Friday, February 6, 2015

5 mile warmup
5 mile progression 5:54-5:33
2 mile recovery jog
3.5 mile cooldown

Hybrid: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 mile warm up with 2 strides
6 mile tempo at approximately 5:40/mi. effort; closer 5:50/mi. average due to conditions.
1 mile recovery job
4 x 400m with 400m recovery jog
4 mile cool down

Intervals (AM) Progression (PM): Saturday, February 14, 2015
7.5 mile warm up
8 x Allen Blvd Hill (up) at 400m interval effort with recovery jog (down).
3.5 mile cool down
7 mile progression run on treadmill:
0-1 mile: 6:58/mi.
1-1.5 mile: 6:30/mi.
1.5-2 mile: 6:15/mi.
2-3 mile: 6:00/mi.
3-4 mile: 5:49/mi.
4-4.5 mile: 5:39/mi.
4.5-5 mile: 5:30/mi.
5-5.25 mile: 5:19/mi.
5.25-5.5 mile: 5:10/mi.
5.5-7 mile: 6:58/mi.
Interval (AM) Progression (PM): Sunday, February 22, 2015
10 mile warm up
3 x 8 minutes at threshold with 2 minute recovery jogs between
7 mile progression run on treadmill:
0-0.5: 6:58/mi.
0.5-1.0: 6:30/mi.
1.0-1.5: 6:00/mi.
1.5-2.0: 5:55/mi.
2.0-2.5: 5:50/mi.
2.5-3.0: 5:45/mi.
3.0-3.5: 5:40/mi.
3.5-4.0: 5:35/mi.
4.0-4.5: 5:30/mi.
4.5-5.0: 5:20/mi.
5.0-6.0: 5:55/mi.
6.0-7.0: 6:58/mi.
Tempo: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Not very good weather, so went by effort.
2 mile warm up,
7 mile tempo
5+ mile cool down.

Go-to product(s) for February

Altra Instinct 3.0 - I was able to slide this shoe into my rotation this month. I really liked its predecesssor models, so I was looking forward to trying it out. It has a very flexible outer fabric but maintains enough thickness to keep your feet warm in the cold months. The footbed is nice for hard surfaces, as it has moderate cushioning and a very durable sole. I use this shoe mainly for long runs and recovery days.
Julbo Venturi - I used these shades a lot this month because of their wide photochromic Zebra lenses, which adjust to the lighting. This February was marked with wide open skys, which resulted in fridgid temperatures with piercing sunlight; making the wide photochromic lenses ideal.