Training Recap: Final Block for Six Days in the Dome

I typically hate tapering, but see it as a necessary evil when trying for peak performance during a race. I've had the most luck with a two-week taper that is not overly aggressive in terms of cutting back, but more so a relative scale-back based on current training volume and intensity.

Six Days in the Dome (SDD), in which I am doing a 12-hour timed event, is about two weeks out, which means it's time to start focusing primarily on recovery and realize that the hard work has already been done. I will continue to do some sharpening workouts in the coming weeks, but the overall intensity and volume will be reduced. With that said, here is the last block of training that I will be leaning on for SDD:

June 16th through July 20th

Key Sessions:

Tempo: June 20th

  • 5 mile warmup
  • 7 mile tempo (5:45, 5:47, 5:42, 5:42, 5:46, 5:45, 5:34)
  • 5.12 mile cool-down

I was not sure how this would go. My legs could still feel all the mountain miles and the weekend's big runs. Once I got moving, though, things were pretty smooth.

Hybrid Workout: June 24th

  • 6 mile warm up
  • 10 x 60 seconds (perceived at about 68-70 sec quarter pace) with 60 second recovery jogs
  • 5 min recovery jog
  • 3 mile progression (5:50,5:40,5:28)
  • 6 mile cool down

Hybrid Workout: June 27th

  • 7 mile warm up
  • 10 x (20/40)
  • 5 minute recovery jog
  • 3 mile tempo (5:41, 5:40, 5:32)
  • 1 mile cool-down

Long Run: June 28th
Final 38 miles of the Western States 100 Course, pacing Gary Gellin from at WS100 from Forest Hill (62) to the finish.

Hybrid Workout: July 2nd

  • 7 mile warmup
  • 10 x 60 second at 5k effort with 60 second recovery jog
  • 5 minute recovery jog
  • 10 x 30 seconds at full effort with 30 second recovery jog
  • 15 minute cool-down

Fartlek Workout: July 9th
  • 3 mile warmup
  • Farlek: 1 mile on, 1 mile off (5:19, 5:23, 5:03)
  • 4 mile cool-down
Psycho Psummer 50k Trail: July 12th
  • Finished in 3:51:31
  • Technical 10.3 mile loop
  • Pretty much all single track for the exception of a few brief connector sections
  • Approx 3,500 ft. gain and 3,500 ft. descent total
  • Constant twisting and winding of the trail made it hard to carry much momentum from one segment to the next
  • Heat index approximately 106-108!
Hybrid Workout: July 15th
Didn't want to do anything too hard, but wanted to get my legs moving a bit, so I went a bit harder on a couple segments. Felt good!
  • Path Inbound: 1.6mi 8:41
  • South Hamilton Hill: .2mi 1:13
  • Campus Path: 1mi. 5:33
Hill Training: July 17th
5 x bluff loop 1 x outer bluff loop. Hadn't been to the Pheasant Branch Bluff in about 5 weeks due to road tripping out West. Felt good to get back on the little loop.

Progression to Tempo Workout: July 19th

  • 6 mile warmup
  • 7 mile progression to tempo (6:00, 5:55, 5:51, 5:47, 5:37, 5:41, 5:35)
  • 6 mile cool-down

Tempo Workout: July 20th

  • Double Loop Arboretum fun run. (Did one loop fast.)
  • 10k in about 35 minutes (5:42, 5:43, 5:37, 5:48, 5:53, 5:34)
  • It was the 10k loop for the Mad City 100k, so there are a few climbs and descents on paved roads and trails.
Detailed information on these workouts can be found here: