The Long Haul

With 2014 well underway, I have had the chance to work out some pretty good training blocks. I plan to race a last-chance 24-hour event in Florence, SC, in hopes of qualifying for Team USA's 24 Hour Team, which will be competing in the Czech Republic in late June. I believe, currently, the qualifying mark is 153 miles. I have yet to decide on a specific race strategy, but have been contemplating an even pace vs. going out fast (relatively speaking) so as to not feel like I am going artificially slow in the early stages. In running, I think the even split is usually a good plan, but in some of these longer races; it seems like the mindset is more responsible for slowing you down than the pace.

Regardless, the preparation for this event has had me doing a combination of speedwork and ultra-specific long haul sessions. Here are my workouts from a few recent days to illustrate the type of training I've been doing:

Saturday 21 mile hybrid workout
- 5 mile warm up
- 40 x 20/40s (20-second sprint intervals)
- 2 miles easy
- 2 x 1 mile (5:39/mi, 5:35/mi) with 1 mi recovery between
- 2 miles easy
- 4 x (4 minutes easy, 2 minutes stair repeats, 1 minute burpees)
Sunday 10 mile recovery run
Monday 7 mile recovery run
Tuesday AM: 15 miles
PM: 13 miles
Wednesday AM: 16 miles
PM: 12 miles
Thursday AM: 14 miles
PM: 11.5 miles