Training Recap: Feb. 19-25 and More!

This week began with some great news for me! The running website Flotrack is branching out to cover trail/ultra/mountain running as well as track events. I was thrilled to find out that Flotrack wants me to be one of the professional bloggers for their new site Flotrail! The site launches on March 15, which will have my first of hopefully many blog entries for Flotrail. This site originated from runners requesting that Flotrack cover the great sport of ultrarunning. With this in mind, I urge you to make requests about any ultra topics, info or advice you would like me to blog about at Flotrail.

Training this week brought a variety of runs. I aimed to get a few solid workouts in because last week lacked variety. And with my ankle feeling strong, I was ambitious with my workouts. I also added an element to my easy runs that I had mentioned last week that I might incorporate.

My first workout was more or less an interval session. I rarely get to a track to rip off interval repeats these days, but I do incorporate intervals within my runs. This interval session was 15 reps of 50 seconds at about 4:45/mile pace. Recovery was 90–120 seconds of jogging. I did a 7-minute warm up and a 19-minute cool down, bringing the session total to 10 miles. My second workout was a tempo run. It was very unorthodox 9-mile tempo within a 10-mile run. Normally I like to have a decent warm-up and cool-down when doing tempo runs, but I did this tempo in the morning, so I was pressed for time (after all, those middle schoolers aren't going to teach themselves). Anyway, the tempo was at 5:42/mile pace. I was pleased with this pace for two reasons. First, I have not been doing much speedwork lately. Second, I felt really smooth for that distance and pace. My third workout covered some basic hills in Manitowoc, WI. It was a 19-mile run with eight solid climbs of about half a mile each.

The new element I added to my training was some pick-ups after easy runs. Basically all I did was 4 reps of about 20 seconds throughout the last mile. I did this on morning easy runs in order to give my legs a little pop after the relatively slower pace of easy runs.

I ended the week with 136 miles. After two hard weeks in a row, my body is definitely ready for a down week. I plan to take it easy for the first six days of the week and then add a nice ultra-style long run to end the week. Please see below if you want to see specifics about my miles.

Sunday 21.5 mile long run
Monday AM: 10 mile easy run
PM: 10.5 mile easy run
Tuesday AM: 10 mile interval workout
- 15x50sec w/ 90-120sec recovery
PM: 5 mile shake-out run
Wednesday AM: 10 mile easy run
PM: 10 mile easy run
Thursday AM: 10 mile easy run
PM: 10 mile easy run
Friday AM: 10 mile tempo run
- 1 mile warmup 9 miles at 5:42 pace
PM: 10 mile easy run
Saturday 19 mile hilly run
Total 136 miles
February 2012 Training