Training Recap: Jan. 8-14

Well, winter finally decided to arrive this week. It was kind of funny, because I knew at the start of the week that I was going to try to log some serious miles.

My plan was to backload the week with two 30-mile days on Friday and Saturday. The winter weather showed up just in time to shake up both of those days. It actually made things exciting. The storm started Thursday afternoon, so my 10-miler on Thursday night and my 18-miler on Friday morning were a lot like technical trail workouts with all the slipping, and drift hurdling.  My Thursday night run was 30-45 seconds per mile slower than normal. I woke up at 3:50 a.m. on Friday to get my run in before work. As mentioned earlier I ended up getting in 18 miles. I was hoping to get in 20 miles, but the wind, snow, and un-shoveled city of Marinette foiled that plan. The storm had ended by Friday night when I went out for round two, but the roads and sidewalks were still pretty slick.

If you have read my previous logs, you'll remember that I do the back-to-back 30-mile days from time to time in order to mimic an ultra race. Chasing a tough day with another gets the body use to running while tired. I was pretty excited about the 30-miler I did on Saturday morning because I did the whole thing fueling with only one 20-ounce sports drink, and I felt smooth the entire way. I can tell that my body is becoming more efficient at metabolizing fat, which will help eliminate the highs and lows during long ultra races.

Overall, my body felt great throughout the entire week. I expected to be less motivated than I was on Saturday morning, but my muscles have been recovering quickly. Check below to see the specific day to day breakdown of my week!

In addition, I plan to start tweeting about my daily workouts. If you are interested in a more immediate idea of how much real estate I'm covering, please follow me here on Twitter @zbitter.

Sunday 20 mile long run
Monday AM: 10 miles
PM: 12 miles
Tuesday AM: 10 miles
- City Park Hill Loop, 50 minutes (5-minute warm up, 14 minute cool down)
PM: 10 miles
Wednesday AM: 10 miles
PM: 12 miles
Thursday AM: 10 miles
PM: 10 miles (snow storm)
Friday AM: 18 miles (snow storm)
PM: 12 miles
Saturday 30 mile long run
Total 164 miles