Training Recap: Dec. 25-31

The end of 2011! This week capped off my running for the year of 2011. It was a solid week of training and a great year. I ended the week with 134 miles, and the year with 5,710 miles.

One area of focus this week was: single! Single runs, that is. As you may know, when you get into high mileage training, training twice a day becomes a necessity at times, for various reasons. It is difficult to block off a single chunk of time that can fit in all that day's miles to be run, and it can be hard on the body to go too many times in a row. However, going long is the big idea when it comes to ultramarathons, so it is nice once in a while to remind the body of the way it feels to trudge on for twenty-plus miles on tired legs.

As a teacher, I had Christmas/New Year's break this week, so I decided to take complete advantage of the vacation and only run one time a day this week. It was also a good week for this because I was doing some traveling, and the relatively unfamiliar terrain and scenery provided a break in the monotony of my typical running routes. I was afforded the luxury of some nice bluffs in Iowa and Nebraska, which allowed for some decent climbing and descending. Here is how the week panned out:

Sunday 19 mile run (rolling hills in Omaha, NE)
Monday 17 mile run (flat ground in Lincoln, NE)
Tuesday 17 mile run (flat ground in Lincoln, NE)
Wednesday 19 mile run (rolling hills in Lincoln, NE)
Thursday 20 miles
- 10 minute warm up
- 3 x bluff climb
- 35 minute recovery run
- 1 x bluff climb
- 50 minute cool down
Friday 22 miles
Saturday 20 miles (technical trails)
Total 134 miles