Shatter your PR. Run better, faster, and farther with my one-on-one coaching services or group training plans. I specialize in ultramarathon training with a fat-optimized metabolism nutritional approach, but I can provide coaching in training, nutrition, and racing to runners of all distances and lifestyles. No matter your background, age, or ability, I'm here to help you. Ready? Contact me now.

Why me?

Working with me, you won't receive a long-term, run-of-the-mill training plan. I will tailor your every workout to your abilities, goals, performance, lifestyle factors and available time on a day-to-day basis.

For years I worked as a middle-school teacher, and I apply my teaching experience to my work as a coach. I take the time to get to know my clients, offering individualized training plans that match their lives. Have you been struggling to incorporate running into your busy schedule? Together we can analyze your daily commitments and running goals to create the best possible training plan for you.

I'm also equipped to help you with nutrition—one of the most overlooked aspects of training. I've been refining my nutrition for years through self-experimentation. I tried numerous dietary approaches, but I finally settled on an approach called Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM), which I have implemented with the help of Peter Defty of Vespa Power Products. OFM has helped me meet the demands of my heavy training and racing schedule. It's an approach that unlocks your body's ability to use your fat stores as your primary fuel source, so that carbohydrates can be used strategically with great success. It's with this approach that I've been winning ultras, setting course records and even world records. Working with me, you can discover how OFM can help you achieve your goals, too.


Anthony Portera

Finally, after spending years of searching for a structured yet adaptable approach to training, Zach jumped right in with a coaching strategy that has helped me get the most out of my training, while at the same time keeping me fresh and motivated. Zach's daily review of every workout is vital to the process, allowing him to make changes on the fly based on every training session. Zach will help get you where you want to go!

Filip Filipov

After my first 100k, I wanted to take my running to the next level. Working with Zach definitely helped me achieve that. Within a year, I PRed on my marathon, 50k and 100k times, and just recently I finished 5th in a 200km race. He also helped me figure out my nutrition, and now I feel much more confident in what I need and do not need in a race. Whether you are just starting out or have more experience, Zach is the guy to help you take running to the next level.

Kevin Grabowski

I started working with Zach after struggling with declining times and focus. As a 45-year-old runner, I was skeptical if he would be able to relate to an older person not competing at his level. Great runners aren't always great coaches, but Zach is both! Working with Zach, I dropped my 50k road PR from 4:04 to 3:24, and my 50-mile trail PR from 7:23 to 6:49. Zach designed specific programs for my personal goals, and he was accessible for questions along the way.

Coaching Packages

I take the time to get to know each of my coaching clients, and my coaching service includes frequent communication to ensure long-term growth and goal-oriented success.

We'll work together using Final Surge, an online training log used by athletes, coaches, teams and clubs. The log is detailed and in-depth, yet easy to use. Final Surge is an effective way to keep constant coach/athlete communication. As a note, you can sign up for a free account to use Final Surge on your own, but if you collaborate with me, I'll guide your training through Final Surge's online tools.

I offer a number of coaching options:

  • The Super Package is an all-access service paid in monthly installments, which is best for those who want the most immersive, comprehensive coaching experience.
  • Individualized coaching is a scaled down option.
  • Then there's hourly consultation, which is best for those who are just seeking a little advice here and there.
  • Finally, I offer pre-planned training blocks for those who just want a little guidance at the start of a season.

If you have concerns about the pricing or desire an individual coaching plan somewhere between these two options, do not hesitate to contact me to set up an alternative coaching package.

Of course, general questions about training, racing, gear, or nutrition are free. Please do not hesitate if you have any general questions. If you'd like to learn more, you should also check out my blog, where I write about many of these topics.

Super Package ($350/mo)

  • Planning conference to establish base, lifestyle and goals
  • Daily workouts developed a week in advance and updated throughout the week
  • Scheduled biweekly calls to guide progress
  • Additional calls as needed to maximize training
  • Race and competition strategy analysis
  • Email and texting as needed

Individualized Coaching ($150/mo)

  • Planning conference to establish base, lifestyle and goals
  • Daily workouts developed a week in advance
  • Pre-race or competition strategy analysis

Hourly Consultation ($100/hr)

  • Pre-scheduled phone/Skype conferences tailored to your needs
  • Common topics include OFM nutrition (using fat as fuel), training questions, racing strategy

18-Week Training Block ($300)

  • $300 for entire training block ($75/mo with free two-week taper plan)
  • Structured training plan aligned to my training philosophy
  • Adapted to your goal race, background and lifestyle
  • Startup questions via email upon receiving plan